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NB Group Co.,Ltd, formerly Shandong NB Group Co., Ltd...

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To build international brands

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Enterprise Mission:Supplying safe, excellent quality, low-cost raw material for the stock raising.

Enterprise Aspiration:To be the pioneer & centennial NB

Enterprise Spirit: Study, Blazing new trails, Cooperation, Dedicate oneself to one’s work

Enterprise Purpose:Satisfied by Customer, staff and society

Core Value NB for China & NB for the world

Brand Idea:To be the famous international brand

Enterprise Style:React rapidly, take action at once

Talent Concept:Personnel is the top source of the enterprise

Team Spirit:Success from Teamwork, Teamwork makes personality,

Creative Thinking:Over yourself, Pursue for excellent

Service Idea:customer satisfaction at the core

Safety Idea:Safety is the requirement for enterprise, All the more for family

Managing Philosophy:Save the most cost for customer

Managing principle:Common development and win-win cooperation

Quality Ideas:Quality is the life of an enterprise

Marketing idea:the leading high-quality, services and costs

Market philosophy:Market share is the centre

Technology Ideas:Technological innovation ahead

Development Ideas:To build a harmonious sustainable development

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