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The company respectively has won the "China Feed Industry Top 50" " Vice President Enterprise of China Feed Industry Association ", "National Excellent Enterprise of Technology Innovation in Feed Additives", "National Advanced Enterprise In Feed Industry for Fulfilling Social Responsibilities well", "High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province" "the key Leading Agriculture-industrialized Enterprise in Shandong Province".
Our trademark "EB" named "Famous Trademark" of Shandong Province and "EB" products listed in "Shandong Famous Brand" products.
Zou Kefeng, our chairman, commented as one of "Outstanding Innovative Talents in China Feed Enterprises in 2010," "Ten Outstanding Young Farmers of Shandong Province", "Zouping County Ten Outstanding Youth", "Zouping County Country Star in 2012" and elected as vice president of China Feed Industry Association.
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