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choline chloride

    This product is colorless or white crystal or crystalline powder with hygroscopic feature, and easily soluble in water and alcohol. It was packed with two layers with polyethylene blown films inside and Polyethylene woven bags outside. Aqueous choline chloride was produced by reacting ethylene oxide, trimethylamine, etc. Then it was concentrated, crystallized, dried for making food grade choline chloride.

Executive Standards Specifications
Food Chemicals Codex (Fccv) 98%~100.5%


Coline chloride, choline hydrochloride, is a highly effective nutritional supplement and fat-remover. It can facilitate fat metabolism, prevent the excessive fat in livers. As vitamin products, it appears in phamarcy, health products and food nutrition additive. Pure product is colorless or white crystalline powder for food additive use and easily absorbs moisture.



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